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    ExifPro 1.0.9


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    ExifPro 1.0.9

    Mesaj  deepanti Bir Cuma Tem. 03, 2009 11:31 pm

    Windows Software | ExifPro 1.0.9 | 6.01 Mb
    ExifPro is an application meant to display, manipulate and browse photographs. ExifPro ExifPro can display images in different view modes. Selected images may be copied, resized, cropped and adjusted using tools offered by ExifPro. ExifPro can also present information embedded in JPEG photographs (EXIF block) describing different parameters digital camera used while taking a shot.

    ExifPro is a tool that helps you to browse and display digital photographs. One can create HTML albums or slide show applications using built-in generators, print images, append descriptions and tags. ExifPro Standalone viewer window offers zooming and panning, image color and aspect correction, magnifier tool, light table pane and a slide show mode. Here viewer window can be seen with a preview bar and a light table visible. Preview bar provides quick access to all loaded images, while the light table may be used as a place to keep selected images.

    - ExifPro offers fast access to photographs both while scanning folders and opening them in a viewer. Caching mechanism speeds up access to already visited folders.
    Tools - Set of tools to manipulate JPEG files: resizing, rotating, cropping, adjusting colors and levels, transferring, printing as well as generating HTML pages and stand-alone slide shows.
    Loss-less and automatic rotation
    ExifPro can rotate JPEG images without any loss in quality (no decoding & encoding). It also features an ability to rotate images automatically based on the orientation information stored by a digital camera.
    Tags - An ability to apply tags to photographs and copy them to folders based on the tags makes it easy to collect a group of images fulfilling your criteria.
    Color correction - Image Color Correction provides more faithful display of photographs.
    Aspect ratio correction - Monitor Resolution option along with the CRT Aspect Correction can restore original shapes in displayed photographs.
    Canon, Nikon, Olympus raw image
    Canon raw images (CR2), Nikon's D70 and newer (NEF), Olympus E-300 (ORF) files contain big preview image. ExifPro can access CR2/NEF/ORF files directly reading embedded preview image.
    IPTC - File information can be appended to photographs in the IPTC standard.
    GPS. Photographs with GPS information stored inside EXIF block show longitude, latitude location.

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